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 The design of connector configurations is at the heart of our company. At DASH Connector Technology's facility in Spokane, Washington, modern state of the art equipment is merged with decades of experience.

 DASH'S commitment to excellence, has won contracts to supply hermetically sealed electrical connectors, headers, bulkheads, feedthroughs and other hermetic assemblies to hundreds of firms.

 Multitudes of aircraft, both military and commercial, have been equipped with DASH-manufactured connectors since the company was founded in 1984. In addition, DASH has supplied custom hermetic connectors to many other industries, including medical and petroleum.



 DASH has the capability to manufacture standard or custom assemblies for a wide range of applications. It is a specialty house with a great deal of versatility and flexibility. DASH can supply assemblies complete from the engineering stage, or furnish the finished end-item using customer supplied hardware.



Steel and metal alloys are the main materials in the products that DASH manufactures. But personalized customer service and commitment to speed and quality are also key ingredients that go into DASH hermetic assemblies. 

 Requests for quotations are processed quickly. Normal production lead time is four to eight weeks, but under certain conditions  an order can be completed within days. Speed combined with a strong emphasis on exacting, stringent standards is why DASH Connector Technology Inc. has supplied all the right connectors for so many companies. It can for your company, too!

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DASH Connector Technology

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